Last month on January 2nd, our son Conor injured his face in a basketball game, fracturing his upper jaw, breaking teeth, losing teeth, and in general did a lot of damage. At the hospital his first question was, "When can I go back and play?" At that time we all doubted whether he could return this season. Being a senior in high school, this was a devastating thought. Even one of the local papers, called it "a possible season ending injury". I immediately started researching face masks online and found your website along with some others. The orthotic facilities near our home all said they could make a mask for him, but they did not have the experience you have and I did not have confidence that they would do the job we needed. Within 3 weeks, Conor was back on the court. His adjustment to the mask you made was short and he is back to playing the game like nothing ever happened. The fit is perfect and he plays like he is wearing nothing at all. Thank you for your quick turnaround, being there to answer any questions and for doing such a wonderful job for Conor, enabling him to finish out his last season in high school. They start the playoffs on Friday and he is as ready as ever w/ the wonderful mask you made!

Maureen Donohue
Charlie Villanueva unveils his new mask
By Patrick Hayes - Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Charlie Villanueva was fitted for his mask today, announcing (where else) on Twitter that the Pistons now "have two masked men."

Since his injury, he's given fans really pretty remarkable access, even Tweeting right after he came out of surgery.

Ted Kulfan of the Detroit News also noted the time V devotes to talking with fans. Still though, no word on his status for tomorrow's game:

Coach John Kuester said Villanueva will be fitted for a mask -- Villanueva Twittered that also. The Pistons are listing him as "questionable" for Wednesday's game in Chicago.

Kulfan also reported earlier today that while Ben Gordon is still listed as questionable, he didn't look like he could put much weight on his ankle:

"If it continues to progress as it has been, hopefully I'll be able to play," said Gordon, who would like to play his first game against the Bulls, for whom he starred the last five seasons.

The Bulls (in particular Derrick Rose) have really missed Gordon this season, it would be nice to see him show them what they've missed.

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