As a parent I am so happy to have found Jeremy and have a new found sense of security for my son who was struck in the face-head by a bat during an open gym. Yes it is hard to believe. As he was healing from multiple facial fractures and a concussion I needed to be assured we could protect him in sports, specifically baseball. Jeremy was our answer after some research I found his skill set, product, and references fit our need.

My son has surpassed the fear of repeat injury with his protective mask and it has already deflected a foul ball. As a pitcher I was always worried about a hot shot to his face and as a short stop he had taken balls in the face before. I believe our son is alot safer now and he will play with confidence while I watch with confidence as a proud parent of a safe child.

Don Caraccio MD
Traverse City, Michigan Baseball Parent

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  • Jeremy and Rita are wonderful. Not only did they make a custom facemask for my 10yr. old daughter but they made it a very personal experience and put myself, my husband, and most importantly my daughter at ease. They were entirely professional yet very personable. They took their time with us and it was a very great experience. We hate that our daughter was injured and has to wear a face mask but Jeremy made it much easier. We are greatful for the care we have received. And she is extremely happy with her facemask. It is wonderful that she can play basketball and not worry. THANK YOU JEREMY!!!!!

  • I had broken my nose during my water polo season and I was the first water polo athlete in need of a new mask. I had been wearing one that was a womens general mask given to me by my school and I had trouble with the vision and it was making it extremely difficult. My mom went searching and found Jeremy and we immediately got in contact and sent over a face imprint. The mask was made very quickly and sent straight to me and it worked wonders!!!! I was capable of perfect vision and it truly made my game so much better. The mask was extremely comfortable and many were impressed with the mask. Jeremy put on special straps for me because I am in the water and they were extremely helpful! He was easy to get in contact with and always very helpful and very generous. I could not have asked for anything better in the situation. I will be allowed to stop wearing the mask after this summer but it feels so natural and never causes any problems. Thank you again for making this extremely easy and for giving me the best opportunities and allowing me to continue playing the way I was before my mask!!

  • Jeremy and Rita were extremely helpful to us. We are so concerned about our son playing basketball after a severe head injury. He has been out of the sport for 15 months now, and still has not been cleared by our doctor to resume play. With the orthosis, we are expecting that Matt will soon be able to get back into the game, where he belongs, not sitting on the sidelines!! Jeremy and Rita were WONDERFUL to our family. Thank you so much!! Mike, Lori, and Matthew Volk

  • The experience was extremely pleasant

  • Jeremy did a wonderfull job in making my custom mask! It fits great. And even better it came so fast and got me back on the playing field! The staff was very helpfull with all my questions. I would highly recommend your services in the future.

  • The only reason for fives in the rating system is because there aren't sixes. Jeremy, Rita, and the reception staff were consummate professionals every step in our care. The initial inquiry was promptly answered, Jeremy was freely accessible by phone and e-mail. An appointment was available on short notice when my son had a day off from school and the process was outlined thoroughly so there were no surprises or hitches. Jeremy demonstrates a mastery of his craft that assures patients they are in capable hands. The mask is well made, protective, and perfectly fitted. He took time to explain everything and answer any questions. The entire staff was courteous, efficient and professional. I have nothing but the highest regard for the entire process and will unreservedly recommend your services to Garet's treating surgeon, as well as anyone who may have similar needs in the future. Thank you again. Respectfully, Gregory A Voit, MD Orthopedic Hand & Microvascular Surgeon P.S. If you must have a constructive criticism, typo in Referring Doctor", only one "f". That's the toughest I've got.

  • Jeremy Murray went above my expectations for my custom mask. I had a better experience with him than with a local company in Minneapolis who still had great service as well. All questions were answered and even showed me the back office where the masks are formed. Alex Weaver

  • Jeremey listened to my specific problems, and my life style, and did his best work on my hand braces. My pain went from a 10+ to a 2. I am able to do my job, and enjoy life again. This extreme pain has been with me for 30 years, and to finally have relief from it has made me a much happer man...Thanks Jeremey

  • We would like to extend our sincere thanks to Jeremy and his assistant Rita at the Michigan Hand and Sports Rehab for their help in making a custom face mask for our son. Jeremy and Rita are true heartfelt professionals. The services they provided were quick, accurate, and genuine. Jeremy responded immediately to our e-mail and had Rita set up an appointment with us within the same week. Colten was so excited; he could not wait to meet Jeremy. Jeremy spent valuable time listening to Colten and examining him to understand exactly how a mask should be created to protect our sons nose and forehead without placing any pressure on his titanium plates that holds our sons forehead together. Our son underwent two 16 hour surgeries to remove a tumor from his skull base which is why we absolutely needed the best mask possible to protect our son while allowing him to have clear vision to see his wrestling opponent. We feel very blessed that Jeremy has this talent to create custom face masks allowing individuals to safely participate in their sport. We cannot say enough about Jeremy, our experience was awesome. We highly recommend his expertise. God Bless and Many thanks, The Datkun Family

  • Dear Jeremy, Last month on January 2nd, our son Conor injured his face in a basketball game, fracturing his upper jaw, breaking teeth, losing teeth, and in general did a lot of damage. At the hospital his first question was, "When can I go back and play?" At that time we all doubted whether he could return this season. Being a senior in high school, this was a devastating thought. Even one of the local papers, called it "a possible season ending injury". I immediately started researching face masks online and found your website along with some others. The orthotic facilities near our home all said they could make a mask for him, but they did not have the experience you have and I did not have confidence that they would do the job we needed. Within 3 weeks, Conor was back on the court. His adjustment to the mask you made was short and he is back to playing the game like nothing ever happened. The fit is perfect and he plays like he is wearing nothing at all. Thank you for your quick turnaround, being there to answer any questions and for doing such a wonderful job for Conor, enabling him to finish out his last season in high school. They start the playoffs on Friday and he is as ready as ever w/ the wonderful mask you made! Attached are 3 pictures that were taken of him playing that I thought you would like to see. Sincerely, Maureen Donohue

  • The mask is great and has allowed me to play basketball again without any distractions. I am very thankful that Jeremy and the people at Michigan Hand and Sports Rehab Center were nice and understanding.

  • We worked long distance with Jeremy from NJ. Jeremy was so pleasant and a pleasure to work with as he instructed us through the whole process of getting the mask. Thank you, Jeremy, for constructing an excellent mask that will keep Elizabeth safe while playing field hockey. Your competence and attention to every detail, and your genuine concern for Elizabeth's safety has given us the confidence to recommend you to all we meet. Many thanks!

  • This had been one my best expeiences when it come to a physicians office. Jeremy was GREAT. He explained everything to my son very well and the turnaround time wa wonderful. I am going to recommend him to everyone.

  • When I was younger I broke my nose, and since then every time I was hit in the face during a game or practice my nose would bleed for over two hours. The summer before my freshman year my dad ordered me the mask. Throughout the two seasons I have been wearing the mask I have been hit in the face several times. With the mask, however, I have only had to leave one game due to a severe blow which knocked the mask practically off. The mask definitely saved me from bloody noses and definite breaks had I not had it on. I am glad my dad ordered me the mask because it has allowed me to play aggressive basketball without having to worry about getting hit in the face and having to come out for the remainder of the game.

  • The face mask that Jeremy made has been fantastic. I use it 2-3x a week (I'd use it every day if I had the chance to play). It's comfortable in all conditions. I've played ultimate in it in 100+ degrees and near freezing. I don't even realize that is is on my face. It's taken some hard knocks. As for Jeremy and his staff, you couldn't ask for better people. They are super. My only regret is that I'm in California. Otherwise, I'd make sure these were my go to guys for everything.

  • He was great, and the mask works great!

  • Jeremy is outstanding. My daughter, a college soccer goalie had fractures to her nose, cheek and orbit. Jeremy was gentle, reassuring and above all, exceedingly competent. From the moment we met him, we were reassured that our decision to travel from Connecticut to Michigan was the correct decision. We saw Jeremy on a monday morning for the mask, Tuesday morning for the fitting. We were on a flight back to Hartford by 2-and Allie was on the practice field at Amherst College at 4:45. She was exuberant. She had feared that her season would be over ...and she was thrilled to be playing again...2 weeks after her injury...We cannot thank you enough! Thank you Jeremy!

  • Jeremy made my custom mask the day after my mold got to him and turned it around so I could play in a game 3 days later. He also called to discuss trimming the top of the mask so I could head the ball for soccer. The fit of the mask was great and once the game got going, I forgot I even had the mask on. Dave Wilson

  • Words can not express how satisfied my daughter and I are with the the way Jeremy Murray responded to our needs for the custom protective facemask. The first time I contacted Jeremy by email, he responded immediately with details on how to go about getting a mask for my daughter. He guided me through the process with ease and set me at ease along the way, from the materials to buy, instructions on how to make the impression, packaging, insurance claims. It was a process however Jeremy made it easy. We now have my daughter's mask and she is very pleased with the fit and comfort.

  • After several serious operations on my nose I researched masks on the Internet and found Jeremy Murray. Flew in from New Jersey after numerous helpful email conversations with Jeremy. I have been wearing the mask playing basketball for over 3 years and it has definitely prevented my nose from being broken again at least a dozen times. It was a pleasure working with Jeremy Murray. The the custom mask he built is very comfortable and has allowed me to continue to play basketball. I never play without it.

  • We are extremely pleased with the service and care that Jeremy provided to our daughter. Not only did he see Lauren on short notice, but made the custom face mask available to her the next business day to wear on her first basketball game of the season. Lauren has the extra confidence to play with this face mask on and says it is like wearing nothing at all! Lauren did get a allergic reaction to the rivets on the mask, and after contacting Jeremy, he saw her the same day to replace the rivets with a different kind of material. Now that is what I call customer service! We will definately recommend the custom facemask and Jeremy to anyone. Not only was he personable, but made it a point to make a connection to his patient and showed he cared about her desire to play sports again.

  • Jeremy and his staff were extremely professional and did an outstanding job of explaining every detail of the custom-made process. A wonderful experience for my son and I.

  • A very professional service was provided by both Jeremy and Shelly. This began with initial phone calls and emails right through to the initial consultation and final production. We were made to feel most welcome from the moment we arrived. We were also very impressed by the speed of production and the attention to detail, clearly Jeremy is a perfectionist and this is reflected in the final product. Most importantly the player feels comfortable with the outcome and now has the required confidence to play at the highest level.

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