Jerermy Murray

I am Jeremy Murray and I am the person responsible for making each and every mask you see here, including those worn by the Detroit Pistons and other NBA players. As I frequently work with out of state/country patients, I am certain I will be able to help you without your coming all the way to Michigan.

The first step toward having a custom facemask made is to have an impression of your face taken. When I see patients at my office I use plaster strips to make a “cast” of the face. Once I have an impression, I am able to use that to make a positive mold. This mold becomes the working surface to create the customized product. There are several ways to have an impression made. There may be an orthotics facility nearby or an athletic trainer, physical therapist, Ear, Nose and Throat doctor or perhaps the physician who originally treated the injury would be able to take an impression for you. I have even coached people over the phone on how to take a good accurate impression!

The next step will be three good photos. We need one FRONT on face shot, a RIGHT profile and a LEFT profile. An "X" can be marked on the photo to denote the fracture or injury site. These are often very helpful in trimming and finishing the mask.

The final necessity is a prescription from you doctor for a custom protective face mask. This can be sent with the impression or emailed to me at

More often than not the masks are NOT covered by insurance as they are usually viewed as a luxury and not a medical necessity.

Recently we have had a few problems with both UPS and FED-EX damaging boxes in transit. Our advice is to fill the interior of the impression with bubble wrap and then wrap it as well. I cannot over emphasize the importance of good packing. If the impression arrives misshapen it is difficult to know what is normal, and what the correct dimensions are. Beyond that make sure the box is not too shallow and mark it "Fragile".

Upon receipt of your impression, your mask should be leaving our lab in about 2-5 working days. You will be responsible for the return shipping fees.

I hope this letter has answered some of your questions. For more information please feel free to contact me by Email or
Phone (586) 243-5175

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